Multi BF4 Showdown


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22 Aug 2012
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There was a BF4 event last week on Xbox One. It was the BF4 Showdown between Team USA and Team EU. Each team had members of DICE on their side.

Anyhoo, the event was streamed live and is still available to view. I missed it at the time, and have only just watched it.

There are 3 rounds played. The first round is Conquest on the new Caspian Border map (64 players - OMS!), followed by a round of Obliteration and another Conquest game on new maps. The games are captured on the new Spectator mode, and I must say that I am impressed with it.

Here is the link if you fancy watching it. I must warn you that the stream is 2 hours long, and has plenty of waffle going on throughout. However, I love the concept of what they've done, and I'd rather sit and watch matches of this than I would football. And I can watch pretty much any football match on TV, given the chance.

So yeah. BF4 on next gen with 64 players is ****ing amazing. Even if it is on Xbox One.