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PS4 BF4 PS4 Game Update Jul 8 Patch Notes


May contain sarcasm
Senior Citizen
22 Aug 2012
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-Various bug fixes

-Fix for an issue where players were able to duplicate Battle Pickups by repeatedly picking up a kit
-Fix for an issue where field upgrades would stop working after one round when players had reached the max field upgrade level
-Fix for a crash that could occur when a player left a round
-Added a 15 seconds warm-up timer for all Official gamesPC Only
-Fix for an issue that prevented players to issue squad order around capture points during the sandstorm on Gulf of Oman
-Fix for an issue where a squad leader would kick a member from the squad, but the slot wouldn’t become available for others to join
-Option added for double tap forward to sprint (when on foot)

-Fix for an issue where the player would get a water splash effect on the screen after crashing an EOD/MAV/SUAV into the water

-Added Conquest Small on PlayStation 4
-Added a competitive Obliteration game mode Note: Server admins has to set this up to get it running. Can only be used non-official servers.

-Server Browser support added to Squad Join (Beta)
-Fix for an issue where server administrators couldn’t ban players that had clan tags
-Fix for an issue that could cause the game to freeze while in the My Rental Server menu

-Fix for an issue where the Squad Join (Beta)feature wouldn’t display squad members presence correctly
-Fix for an issue where the kill card wasn’t displayed in some cases in Hardcore modeNote: Fixed, but will be included in the next patch release.
-Added total team experience points to the end of round screen for the Capture the Flag game mode
-Added user interface options for tweaking the ADS aiming sensitivity
-Dog tags are rearranged in the kill cards so the right one is not obstructed

-Fix for an issue where the flag would occasionally float in mid-air when players got out of vehicles while carrying the flag
-Removed the boost button press to turn off boost for vehicles, boost should be turned off by releasing the accelerator, this makes it consistent with soldier sprint and helps using vehicle boost easier
-Adjusted the PWC physics so it drives/controls more nicely in all water levels
-Option added for double tap forward to boost (when driving a vehicle)

-Fix for an issue where a weapon would flail wildly after a player would die
-Removed the 2nd set of shell that are visible in the speed loader when reloading the M412 revolver
-Fix for the Hawk Shotgun missing “pump action” animation in 3rd person while crouching
-Fix for RPG-7 rocket remaining visible in the launcher after the last shot is fired while zoomed in
-Fixed the bipod animations for MTAR-21
-Foregrip in 3rd person now has hand in the correct position on M416/M417Note:This was a typo, M417 does not exist in BF4
-Fix for a broken animation when switching to AWS as main weapon


Wino extraordinaire
Senior Citizen
30 Jun 2012
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-Fix for an issue where server administrators couldn’t ban players that had clan tags

Say what?!


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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-Option added for double tap forward to sprint (when on foot)
Why would they add this when controller users on PC have been whining for years that this method of sprinting on controller isn't usable?
-Added Conquest Small on PlayStation 4
So the Conquest game mode that already exists?...or do they mean a smaller version than the 32 player version?....or do they mean they're adding servers with the conquest game mode finally?

-Server Browser support added to Squad Join (Beta)
Lol - how can they still not have something working properly for this at this stage?