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Multi BF4 : How do you shoot yours?


Serious Gamer
Senior Citizen
28 Apr 2012
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I'm somewhat a fan of accurate semi-auto weapons and I've been asked more than once about my DMR setup. So....

Almost without exception without exception the only barrel attachment I use is a flash suppressor. In BF3 I favoured the heavy barrel but the kick is so hard that it's only ever any use on a sniper rifle where you can guaruntee a headshot at range. If your a run and gunner then some of the others provide stability bonuses at the expense of accuracy but that for me is a compromise too far.

The range of the weapon/type of combat dictates the accessory for me. My DMR's are equiped exclusively with canted irons and 3.4x or 4x scopes. Assaults and Carbines I'll run with a holo RDS and magnifier or light if we're rubbing shoulders in tight places. I stopped using the lasers as I hardly ever hip fire and there a liability for giving away your position.

Assault I tend to have the rail for the GL all others I'd pick stabalising grips. On my favourite weapon set the DMR I use the angled or folding grip for the reduction in first shot recoil. Being able to quickly double tap a head shot at medium ranges is a sure fire winner; more when it's only 3 body shots for an unarmoured kill.

So far I've only played with the SKS and QBU88. Love the SKS and five starred it quickly. It has a huge clip with one of the fastest fire rates. It's only let down by bullet velocity but once you're used to it you can still headshot at range. QBU has the velocity adventage even at long ranges bullet drop is minimal but cripes it's 10 bullet clip is a liability! 3 body shots for a kill, miss that's 4 hit a leg that's 5 basically two kills per clip then there is the 39 minute reload time!

So go on, give an SKS a home. I'd love to hear your favs and reasons. Maybe someone who spends time in vehicles could add thier thoughts as I prefer using vehicles as target practice. :D

Abs x


Wino extraordinaire
Senior Citizen
30 Jun 2012
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I've never really given my load out much thought which is probably why I'm a bit crap. I don't have a favourite weapon or class in BF4. In BFBC2 I used to love the 870MCS, and it's about the only weapon I have 5 starred in BF3. Not really touched the shotties much in BF4, I think because a lot of the maps are quite large and open and I haven't played a lot of SDM or TDM.
Overall I tend to go for holo or RDS rather than scopes. Also prefer foregrip over a rail or tripod. Also tend to avoid using laser sights or tactical lights.

I've been trying out playing sniper more which I hate and think needs far more planning on the load out front. Been using the CSL with canted iron sights, straight pull bolt and 8x scope for that.


May contain sarcasm
Senior Citizen
22 Aug 2012
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I've been having a lot of fun with the PDWs as an Engineer. I maxed out the UMP-45 quickly with this set up, and I'm currently using the same on the MX4.

Holo sight
Ergo Grip

These guns (especially the UMP-45) are awesome for hip firing, hence the Laser and Ergo Grip attachments. The Suppressor obviously hides my location on the map, and doesn't really have an affect on bullet drop off as I'm running and gunning. It's great fun!


5P4M 80T
Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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I normally aim in the center of the bowl and hope there is no splash back.... Oh wait your talking about guns ;) I just randomly choose anything if it isn't working I pick something else BF4's unlock system is a little pants in my opinion.

I think they should have given you gun XP to buy parts as and when you can afford them so if you don't want a certain item you don't have it.