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Multi Battlefield Squad Beta


Good for target practice
Senior Citizen
5 Jul 2012
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From Battlelog....
Introducing Squad Join Beta
Connecting and playing with your friends has always been a central aspect of the Battlefield multiplayer experience. To help make this easier, we are now releasing Squad Join Beta for Battlefield 4. This is something we know our fans have been asking for – and something we wish we could have provided at launch – so we are now happy to present the first iteration of Squad Join.

Squad Up Before Battle

Squad Join Beta allows you to set up a squad for up to 5 people before joining a multiplayer server. This means that you and 4 of your friends can join a Battlefield 4 match as a squad, and deploy directly in the game together. Once in-game, you and your squad mates are guaranteed to stick together over rounds.

We would like to add that Squad Join Beta is the first iteration of the feature. We will continue to add features and tweaks based on your feedback and comments, and are aiming to release the next version of Squad Join when Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth arrives this summer. Also note that Squad Join Beta is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Before digging into the details, check out this Squad Join Beta tutorial video (note that this clip shows a work in progress).

How It’s Done

To join Battlefield 4 as part of a squad, simply choose “Squad Join Beta” in the game’s multiplayer menu. Here you will be able to see a list of active squads, or create your own. A list of the five slots will appear, with the squad leader indicated by a star. When you’re good to go, just initiate quickmatch to join a game, and you’ll be in-game with your squad mates, ready to bring your team to victory.

Also, if you’ve left your squad and want to re-join it, you can do so – if the squad has a free slot. Joining this way will enable you to both join the squad and the match at the same time.

Other Squad Join Features

As mentioned, this is the first iteration of Squad Join and other features for it are planned, with the first major update coming within the next months (a more exact date will be communicated later). In this multi-release process, we are working on features like managing party members, and making Squad Join available for all game modes.

Initially, Squad Join Beta will be available in the Battlefield 4 base game maps in the Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush, and Domination game modes. All the other Battlefield 4 maps and more game modes will be supported in later iterations of Squad Join.


Serious Gamer
Senior Citizen
27 Aug 2012
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Why on earth does this need to roll out on only specific maps to start with?


5P4M 80T
Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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Because EA are half arsed mong tards and seem to think this half finished game can be kept looking fresh by adding the basics over 6 months after release. They raced to finish this to match CoD to the shop floor, they should have postponed it until January or February and they might of had a small chance of making a playable game. Not impressed with BF4 or EA the likes of Ubisoft postponing Watch_dogs was called a silly move but i would prefer a fully working game any day of the week over a glitched filled half attempt.


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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the likes of Ubisoft postponing Watch_dogs was called a silly move but i would prefer a fully working game any day of the week over a glitched filled half attempt.
Couldn't agree more.

I feel like Ubisoft will be a leader in carving the path of true 'Next Gen' and what that means, in the run up to the launch of these consoles they had a very clear vision of what 'Next Gen' meant to them and they have done well to postpone if they don't believe the product is ready.

Given the history of Ubisoft games and the history of games pushed out by EA I'm certainly a lot more likely to give Ubisoft the time of day and my money rather than anything sponsored by EA who just don't give a toss about the product, insisting that Battlefield 4 launch was 'good'.....yes it was, but only from a sales perspective, there's very little else could have actually gone wrong with the game short of mass server failure for weeks at a time.