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Multi Battlefield 4 classes


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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I don't know how much information anyone else has been able to obtain about the class rebalance in BF4 but bits i've managed to get a bit so far:

Recon class now has the C4 again.

Suppression is more heavily present with larger calibre rounds, so LMG's/Sniper rifles are better at causing suppression.

There are two different kinds of med kits now, not sure of differences.

Cross-Class weapons are:
Carbines (previously engineering class)
Designated Marksman Rifle (previously recon class) - these are long range semi auto rifles such as the SKS, M14 and G3.

The Engineer class now gets PDW's (SMG's) and the semi-auto sniper rifles are now available to any class, with I think just the bolt action sniper rifles remaining as Recon only. Both Assault and Support have their class weapons remain the same as BF3.