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Multi Battlefield 1 door sealed shut for a year led players to discover the Battlefield V reveal date

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Martok, 10 May 2018.

  1. Martok

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    12 Mar 2012
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    Never be the same.

    Intrepid Battlefield 1 players have solved an eye-catching Easter egg - and uncovered the date of the reveal of Battlefield V.

    This week, Battlefield 1 players on the game's subreddit and the Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord managed to open an in-game door that had remained sealed shut for a year.

    Above the door, which is found on the Fort de Vaux map, is the word "Isolement". A recent patch added a button system hidden behind posters dotted around the fort. These buttons poke through each of the signs on a specific letter, and need to be pushed in the correct order to spell out Isolement. Once done, the door to the Isolement room opens.

    Inside is a deserted cell. There's a tunnel in the corner of the room, which currently doesn't lead anywhere but you can chuck a grenade into it. There is also a pipe system with a couple of valves you can interact with. Inside the cell is a picture of a white horse - a painting apparently left unfinished by whoever escaped the cell.

    You can see all this detective work in the video below, by YouTuber Westie.

    It turns out, the ceiling pipes drip in morse code, which reveals the following message:

    This leads to a website that contains a 23rd May date and the battlefield hashtag. This, quite obviously, points to the reveal of the long-awaited next Battlefield game, which we understand is called Battlefield V and is set during World War 2. You see what they did there? The Battlefield V reveal date has - literally - leaked.

    So there you have it - 23rd May, EA will reveal Battlefield V. The series will "never be the same", apparently.

    It's a date.

    Source: How a Battlefield 1 door sealed shut for a year led players to discover the Battlefield V reveal date
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