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PS3 B Spec for Noobs

Discussion in 'Sport and Motorsport' started by Acegadgets, 25 Nov 2012.

  1. Acegadgets

    Acegadgets Not so serious gamer
    Senior Citizen

    28 Jun 2012
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    I've just been looking at this B spec remote racing thing for the first time. Couple of questions.
    Is there an Android App available so i can start a championship from my phone?
    How do I select the car that I drive? Can select driver but not car.
    Are there just a dozen or so remote races all lasting around 20 mins?
    Can someone with a Zero rated driver ever not come last in a race? Seems like a level 30 driver will always beat a level 20 who will always beat a level 10 who will always beat a level 0.
    Would it be an idea for everyone to create a Noob driver, not race him but simply set him online and someone start a remote race with all level zero only drivers to see who wins , then progress onto a championship with just those drivers taking part?
  2. mick

    mick Even More Grumpy Grandad
    Senior Citizen

    25 Sep 2012
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    No app that im aware of, there is a yahoo widget or something that will automate the whole process from your PC (ive never used it so not 100% sure how it works)

    You cant select the car its random.

    Yes just the 11 races, they used to change them and have varying distances but its been those same 11 races for months and months now.

    Generally a higher driver will be above a lower driver because there stats increase and they get better. The "type" of driver can make a difference as well. By type I mean the bit where you create your driver there is a bar that fades from green to red, the more towards the red the marker the more hotheaded the driver and the more aggressive they drive. In theory they will also be more prone to make mistakes as well but this rarely seems to happen.

    That is a possibility but you have no way of stopping others from racing that driver as well.
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