Other Atari's Upcoming Console Could Cost as Much as a PS4 or Switch


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7 Jul 2014
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While there are still a lot of unknowns about Atari's upcoming console, the Ataribox, we now have a slightly better idea of the amount of power the machine might be packing thanks to a press release sent out earlier today.

Apparently, the Ataribox is expected to launch at between $249 and $299 in the United States next Spring (£185 to £222). Considering the Nintendo Switch recently launched at $299 in the States, and a new PS4 Slim costs $289, it does seem like the Ataribox will be aiming for a fully fledged modern console price point.

The system will apparently ship with a Linux based operating system, preloaded with a number of classic Atari games but also able to run modern game releases on Steam - at least, the ones with Linux builds. The more we hear about the Ataribox, the more it's starting to sound like Valve's attempt at Steam Boxes - but perhaps with slightly better brand messaging.

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