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Multi 10 things you need to know about Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris


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12 Mar 2012
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The characters, story, locations and more detailed by Bungie ahead of December’s release

Bungie debuted its first Destiny 2 expansion at PlayStation Media Showcase during Paris Games Week. The trailer’s punchy action beats coupled with dialogue filled will ill portent gave a tantalising tease as to what to expect from Curse of Osiris. You can re-watch the trailer below.

We were eager to know more: luckily Bungie didn’t let us wait long.

In the wake of the Showcase, the studio cracked open the doors of its upcoming update just a little more to give us some juicy details as to what we should expect come 5th December when Curse of Osiris releases. Join us on a whistle-stop tour of what we know so far.

1. The trailer’s Vex vs. Warlock cut scene sets the scene for the expansion

Bungie’s post-show presentation opened with an extended look at that cinematic which’ll set up the events that lead into Curse of Osiris. A clash between a Fireteam and a Vex army is interrupted by the time-travelling Warlock Osiris, who freezes time mid-battle to more comfortably continue his own, still unknown, mission.

But he’s stopped in his tracks by the Vex, who suddenly and mysteriously reactivate. The last we see is him outnumbered and fighting for his life.

2. Osiris: the most powerful Warlock in history, time-traveller and all-round badass
Called “kind of a badass” by Bungie, Osiris is an exiled Guardian. Although unseen up to now, his notoriety precedes him: he gave name to the original Destiny’s intense Crucible event, Trials of Osiris.

3. You’ll start the expansion trying to find him…

Osiris is central to the expansion’s story, but his presence is more felt than seen: at the expansion’s start, he’s missing. Ikora Rey’s charged you with finding out what befell him; solving that mystery will take you to a new destination, Mercury.

4. …but you’ll have to find his Ghost, Sagira, first

Bungie explains Osiris’ Ghost, Sagira (voiced by Morena Baccarin), will be “dragging you through space and time” in this new adventure to track down her companion.

Their split was abrupt, as Osiris tossed her through a nearby portal to save her life as the Vex closed in. She took a hit during the trip though, and the cinematic ends with her shell being gradually buried by the shifting sands on Mercury. It looks like you’ll have to locate and repair her before your journey can really begin.

5. You’ll encounter a familiar face in a new role

Brother Vance is stepping away from his Trials of Osiris role for the sequel expansion, and will play your guide during the events of the expansion, leading you to the Infinite Forest to locate Osiris.

6. You’ll fight familiar foes focused on a secret objective

You’ll be battling – and trying to stop – the Vex in this expansion, as Vex from all across time converge on Mercury. Bungie promise a chance to dig into the race’s backstory, as it has a specific purpose for being there. But what that is, you’ll need to find out.

7. The Infinite Forest promises more spectacular sci-fi backdrops

Bungie’s proved it can create evocative sci-fi landscapes: the Infinite Forest is just the latest example. Described by the studio as a “simulated reality in the middle of time controlled by the Vex”. The single screenshot that’s used to tease the new locale alone is wallpaper-worthy.

8. A new social space in a familiar area: the Lighthouse

Originally only seen by the best Trials of Osiris players, the Lighthouse is now open to all with its Destiny 2 debut. It’s “new and improved” according to Bungie, with plenty of mysteries to discover.

9. It wouldn’t be a Destiny expansion without more Quests, Strikes, Missions…
Curse of Osiris comes packed with content. A new Quest, Missions, Strikes, Adventures and Raid activity will soon make Mercury feel like your new home for the long-term as you start tackling those new milestones.

10. The expansion will usher in Level and Power increases

Bumping your head against those XP caps? Come 5th December, you can once again focus on chasing those increases as the Level cap goes up to 25, and Power up to 330. So there’s plenty to crack into come 5th December.

Source: 10 things you need to know about Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Oisris