1. HaloJ

    PS4 Fortuna is in cert!

    After spotting Clem's Bar in Brooklyn in the background of a movie last night I woke to see a tweet from Danielle this morning. Tweet : Details : PS4 FORTUNA: UPDATE 24 (In Cert!) We all lift together.
  2. Warframe Documentary (Part Two) - Noclip - YouTube

    Warframe Documentary (Part Two) - Noclip - YouTube

    In the final part of our Warframe documentary, we dive into the design of Digital Extreme's free-to-play phenomenon and explain the lengths the team had to go to, to ensure players kept coming back.
  3. Warframe Documentary (Part One) - Noclip - YouTube

    Warframe Documentary (Part One) - Noclip - YouTube

    In the first part of our series on the remarkable story of Warframe, we dive into the history of Digital Extremes and explain how the co-creators of Unreal transformed into a work-for-hire studio, and eventually found themselves having to make the leap to Free-to-Play.
  4. Warframe Documentary Series - Noclip Trailer - YouTube

    Warframe Documentary Series - Noclip Trailer - YouTube

    Digital Extremes had been developing games for two decades when a canceled work-for-hire project put them within months of bankruptcy. So how exactly did they survive? In this two-part series, we explore the 25-year history of the studio and show how the team turned an oft-rejected pitch into...

    PS4 Tenno reinforcements

    GEAR UP WITH NEW TENNO REINFORCEMENTS It’s time to add the latest and greatest weapons to your Console arsenal, Tenno! Slash, shoot, burn and explode your foes with such a wide array of weaponry the enemies of the Origin System will never know what hit them. Available now on PlayStation®4...

    PS4 Lunaro

    Tenno, you’ve fought long and valiantly. Now, put down your arms and join in the newest addition to Conclave. The honor-bound sport, Lunaro! A contact ball sport played long ago by Tenno of years past, Lunaro is a new Conclave mode that accommodates up to four players per team. This new game...

    PS4 Operation Rathuum.

    OPERATION: Rathuum A message from Cressa Mal Listen up, Tenno. I don’t care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help. An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela De Thaym. Now they face Rathuum, Trial by combat. Of course, the fight’s rigged, a show of force...

    PS4 18.8.4 Hallowed Guardian

    OBERON FEYARCH COLLECTION Embody the power of life with the new Oberon Feyarch Collection. This forest-inspired collection features new Skins for Oberon, Paris and the Ack & Brunt. • OBERON FEYARCH SKIN - Emerge from the darkened forest with this gnarled old soul. • ACK & BRUNT DANAUS SKIN -...

    PS4 18.5 Sands of Inaros.

    18.5 Sands of Inaros deploying next week.
  10. Warframe 15 wave defence on Caracol

    Warframe 15 wave defence on Caracol

    That dude only got 46 kills in 15 waves BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    PS4 Braton obsidian skin.

    Logged in today and had a message from the lotus gifting me the braton obsidian skin but there was no explanation as to why, anyone know?

    PS4 18.3 Ring of fire.

    Available to download now at 11gb NEW WARFRAME: Nezha - A petite and playful facade conceals this Warframe's immense power. Fire Walker - Blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies and cleansing allies. Blazing Chakram - Hurl a flaming ring that burns enemies and causes them to emit a...

    PS4 U18

    Apparently already in cert.
  14. IamNumber6

    PS4 Warframe Celebrates 2 Years on PS4

    Tenno, For the past two years you've battled the Grineer, fought against the spreading Infestation and put a stop on Corpus profits. It's been an incredible journey on the PlayStation®4, and we'd like to share something with all our Tenno to commemorate this special anniversary. Log in during...
  15. Martok

    PS4 Update 17.7

    The Jordas Precept is deploying tomorrow. Time to get our hands on Atlas and fight the space chicken! :D Ps4: The Jordas Precept (U17.7) Status [Deploying October 27Th] - PS4 Announcements - Warframe Forums

    PS4 Update 17.4

    Going to cert next week.

    PS4 Renown mega bundle

    Imbue your Arsenal with resplendent power. Glowing with pulsating energy, the Renown Mega Bundle equips PlayStation® Tenno with gear that is befitting a warrior's pride. This Bundle includes the following items from Renown Packs 3, 4 and 5: • PS4™ Exclusive Obsidian Gorgon Skin (includes...
  18. IamNumber6

    Multi Echoes of the Sentient (Patch Notes)

    There's never been a better time to be a space ninja. Echoes of the Sentient is here! There is so much to explore in this massive, new update! Move through the Solar System in an entirely new way with a completely overhauled Parkour system. Visit an underwater world with Archwing levels. Go on...
  19. IamNumber6

    PS4 Renown Pack VI Available Now

    Show your PS4™ allegiance with the Renown Pack VI! Purchase this pack and you’ll receive PS4™Exclusive – Obsidian Liset and Odonata Skins that flow with energy in a striking display of power and honor. Give your Arsenal a boost with the included170 Platinum! The Renown Pack VI will be...
  20. IamNumber6

    PS4 PS4 Dashboard Theme now available

    Give your PlayStation®4 the Warframe treatment with a new Dashboard Theme! Your favorite Warframes on a simple background make this Theme a must-have for every Tenno. Get this FREE Theme on your PS4 now by visiting Settings > Themes > Find in PlayStation Store. Locate and download the Warframe...