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  1. IamNumber6

    Classic Galaxy Science Fiction magazine collection is now free online

    This collection is an interesting read for anyone has enjoys classic sci-fi stories. Do any of American Seniors remember this series of magazines? Galaxy Science Fiction was an American digest-size science fiction magazine, published from 1950 to 1980 Galaxy Magazine : Free Texts : Download &...
  2. c00ky

    PS4 Elite Dangerous coming to PS4

    I have lost alot of my free time over the past 2 years playing Elite Dangerous on the PC. And after a year of Elite being available on Xbox, it is coming to PS4. Later this week Frontier are at PAX East and will be hosting streams that show what the latest patch 2.3 can do, including the new...
  3. Martok

    PS4 Isometric sci-fi adventure Divide announced for PS4

    Your first look at Exploding Tuba Studio’s ambitious action game When my friend JD and I first came to California, we had a dream of one day making video games together. Nearly 15 years later, our separate careers in music and video game development converged when I asked him to leave his...
  4. Martok

    PS4 Sci-fi puzzle adventure Soul Axiom announced for PS4

    Check out the first story trailer for the latest from the team behind Master Reboot Hello again, PlayStation Blog! Ben Tester here from the indie dev studio Wales Interactive. Today I have the pleasure of announcing our upcoming PS4 title, the sci-fi adventure-puzzler Soul Axiom! Before we...