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  1. IamNumber6

    Other Atari's Upcoming Console Could Cost as Much as a PS4 or Switch

    While there are still a lot of unknowns about Atari's upcoming console, the Ataribox, we now have a slightly better idea of the amount of power the machine might be packing thanks to a press release sent out earlier today. Apparently, the Ataribox is expected to launch at between $249 and $299...
  2. IamNumber6

    The Arcade Vaults presents ... Summer Pop-up (Cardiff)

    If anyone is in, around or near Cardiff during the month of August this maybe an enjoyable event to pop along to for anyone that enjoys classic / retro gaming. Summer Pop-up The event will be hosted over both floors of 10-14 Castel Arcade and will feature a large collection of retro consoles...