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  1. Foundry37

    Old Gamer from way back

    Jealous of my well off cousin because he had pong? Yep. That neighbor kid who had a Odyssey? Yep . 52 yo originally from NYC but now living in Pittsburgh. I have loved gaming before there was such a word. Always been into RPG's and the occasional platformer. Driving games can be a blast...
  2. zoob

    PSVR Award-winning PlayStation VR experience Manifest 99 releases in Europe next week

    Journey into the afterlife aboard a mysterious crow-filled train from 19th December By Adam Volker Creative Director, Flight School Studio Heyo, PlayStation fans and PS VR enthusiasts. We are bringing our eerie, ominous, emotional experience, Manifest 99, to Europe on 19th December! Ahhh...
  3. zoob

    Other Soylent Green, ghostwriting and the Buddha Lounge

    Just read a great article over on Polygon - thought I'd share! PlayStation U.S. boss reflects on birth and rebirth of PlayStation In 2014, riding high on the successful launch of PlayStation 4 and a surprisingly positive, surprisingly unanimous reaction to its E3 showcase the year before, Sony...
  4. NVranya

    PSVR Full list of PS VR 'experiences' & video services

    The full list of PlayStation VR ‘experiences’ and video services available soon There’s more to the virtual reality headset than just games Earlier this week we published a full list of all the PlayStation VR games launching in the next few months. However, games aren’t the only software that...

    Playstation messages app.

    Introducing the PlayStation Messages iOS and Android app A quicker, easier way to connect with your PSN friends Here at PlayStation® we are continuously enhancing our products to improve players’ experiences and help connect players to their friends. Today we are happy to introduce a new...
  6. IamNumber6

    PS4 Warframe Celebrates 2 Years on PS4

    Tenno, For the past two years you've battled the Grineer, fought against the spreading Infestation and put a stop on Corpus profits. It's been an incredible journey on the PlayStation®4, and we'd like to share something with all our Tenno to commemorate this special anniversary. Log in during...