1. Foundry37

    Old Gamer from way back

    Jealous of my well off cousin because he had pong? Yep. That neighbor kid who had a Odyssey? Yep . 52 yo originally from NYC but now living in Pittsburgh. I have loved gaming before there was such a word. Always been into RPG's and the occasional platformer. Driving games can be a blast...
  2. ROUTC22

    Howdy Ladies and Gents

    Hey everyone, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Russ, 33, living in London. I'm a regular gamer on the PS4. Primarily I play GTA5, Battlefield 4 + 1, Don't Starve Together, Destiny, The Division, and own quite a few other titles. Been gaming since the mega drive days and it's one of my...