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  1. Martok

    Multi Battleborn: A Beginner's Guide

    There are several Seniors who now have Battleborn, so a thought that a beginner's guide would be useful. Rather than right the whole thing, I've just written a brief introduction about the game and linked to a useful beginner's guide on the Battleborn forums that is worth reading. A Beginner’s...
  2. Martok

    Multi The Division - How to build the best loadout for solo and co-op play

    Choosing the right equipment for whatever job you have at hand. Unlike most RPGs, you don't have to pick out a class when you create your character in The Division, or even specialise as you level up. Your base stats all increase in step with each other, and the choice between DPS, tank, and...
  3. Martok

    Multi The Division walkthrough

    A walkthrough for all of the main campaign missions in The Division, with strategies and tips for handling each enemy wave and boss. Campaign missions generally follow a similar structure to one another, and the markers and waypoints are easy to follow. Detailed walkthroughs shouldn't be...
  4. Martok

    Multi The Division - How the end-game works

    Our guide continues with a look at all the end-game activities. Once you reach Level 30 in The Division, you not only gain the ability to awe lower level characters when you visit a safehouse, you also gain access to Daily Missions, Phoenix Credits, and a Challenging difficulty mode to tempt...
  5. Martok

    Multi The Division - How to beat all of the side missions in the game

    Our guide continues with a look at all of the side mission formats. There are a lot of side missions in the game, and in order to keep up with the level requirements of the campaign missions and to reach the end-game, you'll need to do a fair number of them. While they may seem overwhelming at...
  6. Martok

    Multi The Division - General Assembly strategy

    How to beat one of the toughest fights in The Division. This is probably the only mission that really isn't viable solo, so you'll want to team up with friends. In this fight, you're up against a helicopter that has a devastating area-of-effect attack as well as heavy shields. Given that this...
  7. Martok

    Multi The Division - Make more money and Dark Zone credits

    Our guide to making more money in the game. As a government employee fulfilling an important mission, you might imagine you'd be provided up-front with decent weapons, armour, and other gear. Not so, alas. In these uncertain times, it seems that spending cutbacks have hit New York extremely...
  8. Martok

    Multi The Division - Crafting, blueprints, materials and more

    Our introductory guide to crafting in the game. When it comes to gear, weapons, and mods, you'll pick up plenty of decent items or find them for sale from the vendors located across the map, but sometimes there's no substitute for that home-made feeling. To be clear, you won't be make any...
  9. Martok

    Multi The Division - Dark Zone: loot, extractions and PVP

    How to survive a successful extraction in The Division's Dark Zone, with advice on tracking down the best end-game loot from this PVP area. Where Midtown once sat we now have the Dark Zone. Like the main game world it's split into distinct districts, each one of which contains enemies within...
  10. Martok

    Multi The Division - How to level up fast and earn more XP

    Our guide to hitting the level cap as quickly as possible. You might be positively itching to get at the tougher sections of the Dark Zone, but doing so will require you to have decent gear, and decent gear demands a high level character created in the player-versus-environment section of the...
  11. Martok

    Multi The Division - Base of Operations, Wings and Vendors

    How to upgrade and profit from your Base of Operations. Establishing a base is your first task after your arrival in Manhattan. It provides somewhere for you to stock up on gear and consumables, unlock upgrades, and get missions. While it may not seem like much at first, the place will slowly...
  12. Martok

    Multi The Division Guide from Eurogamer

    Eurogamer have put together an extensive guide to the division. I have made separate threads for each part of the guide (with links to the original article on Eurogamer in each). This thread is a link to each of these threads for easy access. Overview The Division Guide Beginner's guide This...
  13. Martok

    Multi The Division - Beginner's tips, skill trees, zones and enemy types

    Our beginner's guide to the systems and zones of The Division. Welcome to Manhattan. It's not quite the tourist destinaton it once was and it can be a little overwhelming to newcomers (although Midtown was always awful), so here's a rundown to get you started with how the world of the Division...
  14. Martok

    Multi The Division - Dark Zone

    How to survive a successful extraction in The Division's Dark Zone, with advice on tracking down the best end-game loot from this PVP area. There are two main gameplay spaces to experience in The Division's compacted version of New York City. The main campaign zone, though mid-crisis, is under...
  15. Martok

    Multi The Division - XP and levelling

    Our guide to levelling up more quickly in The Division, along with useful tips for tracking patrol routes and helping out your fellow agents. A Division agent plays by two sets of rules: Dark Zone reputation on the East side, and XP gained via admirable deeds throughout the pedestrian districts...
  16. Martok

    Multi The Division - Weapons, Gear and Mods

    Our guide to the weapon and armour classifications in The Division, and what you can expect to receive from different gear rarities. In The Division, choosing the right gun, vest, mask and knee pads for your character amounts to more than the consideration of basic impact, range and armour...
  17. Martok

    Multi The Division guide

    Our essential guide to The Division, from fast levelling to optimal load-outs, as well as advice on how to survive and prosper in the Dark Zone. The Division officially comes out tomorrow, but those of you who have pre-ordered the game and have been lucky enough to get it through your letterbox...
  18. HOW TO USE MODS IN WARFRAME | Warframe Tutorials | Episode 1 - YouTube

    HOW TO USE MODS IN WARFRAME | Warframe Tutorials | Episode 1 - YouTube

    This video shows how to use mods in Warframe.