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  1. Martok

    Multi Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

    "We want that magic back and we aim to make it happen." Evolve is going free-to-play (which explains why it's been removed from Steam) - and its developers have opened up about the game's troubled launch. Love it or hate it, Evolve had one of the best logos in the business. Evolve, a...
  2. Martok

    PS4 Free-to-play MMO Neverwinter is coming to PlayStation 4 this summer

    The popular Dungeons & Dragons role-player makes its console debut We’re proud to announce that Neverwinter is coming to PlayStation 4 in summer 2016! Almost three years after our initial launch on PC, millions of adventurers have travelled along the Sword Coast to slay the mightiest of foes...
  3. IamNumber6

    PS3 From the dust we rise as legion

    CCP, the developer behind popular and fascinating spaceship MMO Eve Online and its multiplayer shooter spin-off Dust 514, announced today that it would be shutting down servers for Dust 514 on May 30th this year. Released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2013 after years and years in development...
  4. Martok

    PS4 Game on a shoestring – every PS4 demo and free-to-play title listed

    There’s a feast of fun to be had on PlayStation Store, without opening your wallet Hi everyone! A little short on cash after all that Christmas gift buying, but pining after some new gaming experiences for your PS4? Well, we’ve got your back. For your perusing pleasure, below is a complete list...
  5. Martok

    PS4 World of Tanks is coming to PlayStation 4

    The massive free-to-play combat game to launch with brand new content Hello everyone, this is TJ Wagner, Project Lead at responsible for bringing World of Tanks to consoles. We’re all very excited to be bringing this massively multiplayer, action packed, 30-player tank battle...