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  1. Martok

    PS4 PS4 System Software 5.50 beta out today, key features revealed

    Custom Wallpaper via USB, Play Time Management, library enhancements and more are coming to PS4 The beta for the PlayStation 4 systems next major system software update 5.50 (codenamed KEIJI) starts today. If you signed up and were selected for the beta program, you’ll receive an email with...
  2. Martok

    Multi First gameplay details of Destiny 2’s open beta ahead of its PS4 launch this month

    First campaign mission, Crucible modes and more Bungie isn’t messing around, as today it revealed the first details of Destiny 2‘s beta, which kicks off later this month. The beta – with early access from 18th July if you pre-order and 21st July for everyone else – will provide a sampling of...
  3. Martok

    PS4 Everybody's Golf Beta

    There's a new Everybody's Golf in the works and there will be a Beta trial for this shortly that is open to sign-ups (note that current Beta triallists will automatically get an invite so shouldn't need to sign up). If you are interested you can fill your details here: Everybody’s Golf Beta -...
  4. Martok

    PS4 Battleborn’s PS4 open beta kicks off on 8th April

    Be the first to play Gearbox’s upcoming multiplayer shooter To get yourself ready for the Battleborn open beta, wrap your mind around what’s at stake. Set in the distant future, you’re fighting to save the last star in the universe. You have 25 heroes — each with wildly different personalities...
  5. Martok

    PS4 PS4 3.50 system software update – key features detailed

    The closed beta goes live on 2nd March Our beta program for PS4’s next major system software update, codenamed Musashi (or 3.50 if you prefer numbers), kicks off on 2nd March. If you signed up for the beta and were selected, keep an eye on your email for instructions on downloading. Regardless...

    PS4 The Division open beta.

    JOIN THE DIVISION OPEN BETA STARTING FEBRUARY 18 09/02/2016 09:00 AM Agents, get ready to enter the brink one last time before launch! You will be able to experience Tom Clancy’s The Division one last time before launch in an Open Beta starting February 18.Everyone will be able to play for...
  7. Martok

    PS4 Hardware: Rivals beta kicks off tomorrow

    How to get involved with the trial run for the new PS4 vehicle combat game Hi everyone! When we announced our new title recently, we mentioned that we were going to be running a beta in the near future. Well, I’m pleased to announce that the Hardware: Rivals beta will be launching exclusively...
  8. Martok

    PS4 Upcoming PS4 system software update – We want you to test the beta

    Sign up to get a sneak peek at update features and share feedback Calling all beta testers! Before we launch our next major system software update for PlayStation 4, we’re running a beta program to test its functionality. If you’d like a sneak peek at the features and help give us feedback on...