• Welcome to Senior Gamers!

    Senior Gamers [SNR] is a multi-platform gaming community formed in 2012. We welcome all adults aged 18+ years, we're not specifically for senior citizens! Our name is just to show that we're not for kids.

    We used this website from June 2012 until March 2020. Technology moved on during this time and we have now moved to Discord. If you are familiar with it already you'll know how quick and easy it is to use. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should!

    You can browse this archived website to see what we posted over the years.

    You can join us on Discord to see what we've posted more recently and to chat. Click on the link below to find us. We hope to see you there!

    Senior Gamers Discord

About Us

Senior Gamers Information
Senior Gamers [SNR] is a community for mature gamers formed in 2012. We primarily play PlayStation online games on the latest generation of PlayStation consoles. Most members are based in the UK and Europe although we do have a few members in the US and New Zealand.

Members of the community are PlayStation gamers generally aged 25 years and above who are interested in playing with like-minded individuals in a fun and friendly environment where there is no cheating or excessive foul language used, gaming skill and top scores are not important and real life takes priority over playing games.

Senior Gamers has a simple but clear set of guidelines regarding behaviour on our forums and when playing online games.

  • No abuse of any form including but not limited to those relating to race, gender, sexual preference and religion
  • No trolling, personal attacks or insults and no posting of spam
  • No posting of links to illegal material or uploading into posts
  • No participating in seeking an advantage in online gaming through glitches, bugs, cheats, hacks or any other means that alters the game beyond a player’s skill level, giving them an unfair advantage in online gaming
  • Do think about others’ enjoyment of the games you participate in and be considerate with regards to the use of overpowered weapons, spawn camping and team balance
  • Much of the website is visible to the general public. Please consider others, including those who may be viewing from work, before posting content which may be considered adult in nature. If necessary, post just a link to the content or put it inside spoiler tags

Community features
Senior Gamers offers a range of features:

  • A relaxed, fun and friendly community of members to discuss games and other topics with and play alongside in online games
  • A Featured Threads section that members can contribute to
  • Read the forums on the go with our mobile friendly design
  • Chat system in which you can talk with other members individually or in our chatroom
  • A Media Gallery where you can add images and videos to both general sections and your own albums
  • Community area for members to discuss aspects of the community and have a say in how it develops plus a private "general chat" forum

How to become a Member
To become a member you must first:

  • ideally be 25 years old or more (but we will accept membership from anyone aged 18 years and above)
  • be committed to our ethos on behaviour in our forums and when playing online games
  • register on our forums with your PlayStation username or something very similar
  • make a post in the Introductions forum, following the guidelines in that forum
  • respond to posts in your introduction

That’s all there is to it!

Becoming a member confirms acceptance of and compliance with the rules of Senior Gamers.

We are happy for members to be participants in other gaming communities. We don’t require members to sport the [SNR] tag in PlayStation online games where games allow this but we do encourage it!

Once you have signed up, you will have access to some of the features on the site. After a short period and a few posts, you will have access to some more features. After a further short period and some more posts, you will have access to all features on the site and you will no longer see adverts displayed.

Problems or Complaints
If you have a problem or a complaint, please direct it to one of the staff who will look into it and appropriate actions will be taken. You may use the Report link that is available on posts etc to do this, or you can send a Private Conversation. Any actions taken may or may not be disclosed. We would suggest that you try to resolve any problems with other members first.

Disciplinary Action
Senior Gamers is a mature gaming community and we hope that members can behave like adults, treat each other with respect and resolve any differences calmly and sensibly. However, if there are problems with or complaints against members, staff may carry out a range of disciplinary actions where necessary. Any actions taken will be considered and fairly applied. These actions may include but are not limited to editing or deleting posts, issuing warnings, temporary moderation, temporary bans or, as a last resort, permanent bans. Temporary moderation and temporary or permanent bans may be applied with or without prior warning.

Member Accounts
We only delete member accounts that have zero posts after 60 days. We do not delete accounts of members who have made posts and other content and later decide to leave the community. Accounts and content will remain intact. If requested, staff will have all personal data removed from accounts to anonymise them and usernames will be changed to anonymise the posts and other content. This complies with erasure rights under GDPR rules.

The website is paid for and maintained by the administrators. However, any donations are gratefully received. We also generate income from purchases made through online affiliates schemes and advertising to guests and new members. All funds are used for maintaining and enhancing the website and its domain names and will not be used for personal gain.

Amending this Information
Staff may amend this information and rules from time to time and will inform members of changes on the website.