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Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight - YouTube

A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, nort...

IamNumber6, 11 Oct 2017
NVranya and zoob like this.
    • Martok
      Looks like a right bundle of laughs! I hope they sell underwear at the end of the walkway.
      zoob likes this.
    • zoob
      Looks wicked.
    • IamNumber6
      There was another video which shows people hitting the glass sheets with sledgehammers to explain how tough the construct was
    • NVranya
      With my so-and-so relationship with heights, I think I'd have a heart attack... :shock: (that is, if I even dared to get on that walkway)

      What sick mind comes up with stuff like this? :lol:
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    11 Oct 2017
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