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Grip - split screen multiplayer

Get on the couch!

zoob, 20 Sep 2018
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    • Martok
      I loved Rollcage, I hope this is as good as that was.
      zoob likes this.
    • zoob
      @Martok So GRIP will live or die by its netcode optimisation I reckon. It's a great wee, well priced game but the multiplayer was borked last night and the instructions are poor and tutorial only covers half the functionality. Other than that though, a lot of fun.
    • Martok
      As I mentioned in the GRIP thread the game seems to be a hit with Rollcage fans but may not be with newer gamers. We'll see on that and with how the multiplayer fares.

      I'm not sure the pricing is quite so good - if it was £35 for everything then that'd be great but that's just the base game, it's an extra £10 on top for the deluxe version with customisations and garage DLC packs. Don't know how much they would be if bought separately.
    • zoob
      @Martok the customisation us simply liveries - everything else is unlocked via progress.
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    Sport and Motorsport
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    20 Sep 2018
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