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Recent Comments

  1. c00ky
    @NVranya I didn't initially as the kit is for my kids, who wanted Splatoon. However, I have succumbed and its on back order with Amazon.
  2. NVranya
    Wait, so... you didn't buy Zelda? :o
  3. c00ky
    @Plaxinator The 1-2-switch gameplay is more waggle controller like on the old Wii rather than pressing any buttons. There are about 20 odd games, although initially 8 so you get used to waggling...
  4. Plaxinator
    My niece just doesn't get controllers and she's 6. Has a melt down whenever she tries to play a game with a controller (doesn't help that she has little hands either). She's OK with iPad games...
  5. c00ky
    @Plaxinator Yes, great for kids (even big ones like me). Although the slide on strap, both me and my 7 yr old managed tio put it on the wrong way, its a known "feature" of Switch that if you put...