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Recent Comments

  1. c00ky
    The Prof Palin unlock isn't necessary to experience Aliens, you can still get probed without it.
  2. Martok
    This is very disappointing. The original was a cute action adventure game with the focus on investigating clues and wasn't violent at all. This one seems littered with profanities and violence....
  3. NVranya
    :o just... wow... I couldn't imagine what it'd be like, and 8 (!!) weeks for a boss fight.... respect for his perseverance.
  4. Martok
    I've always enjoyed this series, might be tempted for £20.
  5. c00ky
    These are in no particular order, but are all using captured footage in game, with some submissions adding live action overlay or face animations. Gives you a flavour of what bthe Elite Universe...