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We are a community for mature gamers who primarily play online games on PlayStation consoles (PS4, PS3, PS Vita). You can find out more in our About Us section.

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Recent Comments

  1. zoob
    WipEout Omega Collection comes out on 7th June on PlayStation 4, Sony has announced. This game includes all the tracks and ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 ported to PS4. Each game has its...
  2. IamNumber6
    It's an amazing piece of kit for the size of the console, as always the battery life isn't fantastic but I don't care about that. When in portable mode the device outputs at 720p, in TV mode it...
  3. c00ky
    @NVranya I didn't initially as the kit is for my kids, who wanted Splatoon. However, I have succumbed and its on back order with Amazon.
  4. NVranya
    Wait, so... you didn't buy Zelda? :o
  5. c00ky
    @Plaxinator The 1-2-switch gameplay is more waggle controller like on the old Wii rather than pressing any buttons. There are about 20 odd games, although initially 8 so you get used to waggling...